• 1U rack space

If you need to host just a single unit of equipment-server, switch, router, access node or other equipment-this plan is right for you. No matter of power supply type - AC 230V or DC 48V and connectivity options you may need.

With 35W of AC or DC power included in the price. That will be enough for networking equipment-1 U switch or router, monitoring device or very small server. That is the minimum power available in our plans. Please consult your equipment manual or contact manufacturer to determin exact power consumption. Please note that in any power price is included associated cooling power. If you need more power you can order it from power option menu. Please find below power selection guide! 

35W - 1U small switch or router, modem, media coverter, receiver, very small single processor server, 

+50 W- 1 U small server, switch or router, 

+100 W-1 U dual/quad core server, single processor

+200 W-1U medium configuration server

+400 W-24 ports PoE switch, powerfull server or storage

+800 W-48 ports PoE switch, powerfull server or storage

Your equipment needs more power-please look for 2U option or colocation configurator. Using more units will improve cooling of your equipment and eliminate "hot spots".

You have problems identifying your equipment power-no problem, we can do it for you. Please add "Identify power requirements" option from here.

You can download the toolkit from site TechRepublic: Cost Comparison: Calculating Server Power Usage. 

If your equipment has no 19" mounting brackets you will need to add 19" tray with desired depth. Please select it from "Additional tray" option. 

If you have other specific needs-please let us know. Contact us at sales@tsbg.eu and we will be happy to do our best to serve your request. 

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1U rack space

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