Our Data Centers

Our Data Centers

We own and operate several carrier-neutral colocation and datacentre facilities, located in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Our data center buildings are specially designed and constructed to provide high protection and redundancy for all our clients equipment. Geografically spread, they are located more than 150 km one from another in a zones, where the risk of natural disasters, traffic accidents or human acts is minimal. We considered the risk of flooding, forest/field fires, earth quake/earth sliding, storms, human activities. That means no dams, big rivers, densly populated areas, airports, chemical, oil, gas or other risky factories or power plants, highways, railways or heavy traffic roads in close proximity. Computer room is located far from publicly accessible zones and no major systems located under the ground.

Fibre routes and service providers networks are also carefully selected and evaluated.

All risks are assesed and treated in Risk Assesment, Operation Instructions, Disaster recovery plan and Business continuity plan.

All sites are designed and constructed to comply with TIA 942-Telecommunications infrastructure standard for data centers and other applicable international and local standards and best practices.

General Description of Equipment Room

The equipment room supplied  shall have the following parameters:

• Steel entrance door with electromagnetic lock system to restrict access. Fire resistance - min 45 min.

• Raised floor with antistatic coating and load capacity  min. 1500kg/m2. Raised floor clearance is minimum 45 cm.

• Room clearance (the height between the raised floor and the ceiling) is minimum 360 cm.

• Walls - 2 layers of Rigips painted in white (Brilux, Malerweiss 956)

• Ceiling: Suspended ceiling for clean room AMF, 600x600mm

• Lights: Luminescent lights, min 300lux/m2

Size of doors along the delivery paths (width/height): min 170/220 cm.

• Separate cable trays for power and signal cables. Two independent routes to each item in the room.

• Power supply cables are run beneath the raised floor in fully diverse routes. Signal cables are run overhead in separate ducts for copper and optic. To each rack there are minimum 2 diverse routes from primary and secondary entrance room and telecommunication room.

• Cable ducts: Obo Beterman

• Fibre ducts: Panduit

• Building entrances: Each building has minimum two cable entrances, located more than 20m one from another.

• Cabinets: Rittal TE7000 or TS-IT,  42 U 600x1000x2000mm (W x D x H)

• Power supply: Main supply-Standard 220-230V, 3 phase, 50 Hz (TN-S) electric power shall be supplied to the main distribution board (Dirty supply). The sites are equipped with redundant power supply system (Clean supply)  comprising 2 diesel generators, operating in 1+1 redundancy, 2 independent UPS systems 230V or 48VDC rectifier systems “ELTEK”, operating in 1+1 configuration (A+B). The cable routes and power distribution boards of A and B systems are fully diversed one from another. Each cabinet will be supplied via 2 diverse routes between fuse bus and cabinet socket.

For avoiding of doubts the power supply must conform to the following:

230/400 V AC according to PN-IEC 60038

23.3  48 V DC the 45V<E<55V

• Redundant diesel generators

In case of power outage a back up diesel generator will start automatically within 30 s. Each diesel generator is fueled for 24 hours under nominal load. Mobile generator is available and can be delivered on site within 2 hours.

 • Batteries (CSB Hitachi)

The batteries on 48V DC system will ensure at least 8 hours of operation for each (A and B) systems, under nominal load. The UPS systems will provide at least 20 min. of operation each.

• Grounding: The grounding contour will have less than 5 ohms resistance

• Air conditioning: The guaranteed air condition in the equipment room shall be  t = 22 ± 2 oC and relative humidity 40% ≤ ρ ≤ 60%. The air conditioning system is in redundant 1+1 or n+1 configuration by nominal cooling capacity.

• Fire alarm-VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Aspiration) alarm, providing high sensitivity and early smoke detection.

• Fire suppression - gas suppression system with environment friendly gas.

• Access control: The equipment room has security and access control system (Paradox). Customer may access equipment room on 24/7 basis following TSBG’s rules and procedures.