Do you listen online radio? Do you have your stations broadcasted in the Internet?

Do you need reliable service? Check these channels

- You have TV or Radio stations broadcasted via satellite but you want your programs onlinet;
- You want to provide your customers with various TV and Radio channels without installing big dishes on your roof and buying additional equipment.

-You want to receive content, not visible from your location;

- Or just want your TV or Radio channels streamed through Internet;

This place is just for you!

Contact us to discuss all aspects of your demand and the most appropriate technical solution. We can provide appropriate and redundant delivery of your content via satellite, terrestrial or local storage. We can arrange dedicated or shared antenna system, placed on our antenna field. We will receive the RF signal and supply it to your transcoding server or other equipment. Or let us create an IP stream suitable to be broadcasted in the Internet. All you have to do is just request the service and we will deliver.

Your request must include the following information as a minimum:
- The name of the satellite which transmits the desired TV/Radio channels*;
- The required Internet speed or expected peak number of listeners;
- The number of TV/Radio channels that will be received.


 You can check here some of the online radio channels  broadcasted online via our datacenters


For more information and  pricing depending on your request don't hesitate to contact us at

*A list of most popular geostationary satellites visible at our locations are given below.


  • 10.0E EUTELSAT W1 . Europe
  • 11.0W EXPRESS A3
  • 12.5W ATLANTIC BIRD 1 . Europe
  • 13.0E HOTBIRD 6,8,9 . Europe, Middle East
  • 19.2E ASTRA 1F,1G,1H,1KR,1L,1M . Europe
  • 22.0W NSS 7 . North Africa, Europe
  • 23.5E ASTRA 1E,3A . Europe
  • 26.0E BADR 6 . Europe, Africa (C-Band)
  • 27.5W INTELSAT 907
  • 31.5W INTELSAT 801
  • 5.0W ATLANTIC BIRD 3 . Africa, Europe, Middle America (C-Band)
  • 7.0E EUTELSAT W3A . Europe
  • 72.0E INTELSAT 4 . Europe
  • 9.0E EUROBIRD 9 . Europe

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